The building blocks for the animal and human body is protein. Protein is responsible for the building, repair and maintenance of our lean muscle tissue. It’s important to eat an appropriate amount every day to keep the muscles in an anabolic (muscle building) state. Therefore, protein recommendations for endurance and strength-trained athletes range from .5 […]


Fat is a necessary component of a normal diet, which provides energy and essential elements of cell membranes and associated nutrients such as vitamins A, D and E. One should keep their fat intake to 20-35% of their total energy expenditure. A 170 lb male athlete would consume about 20% of a 3,000 calorie diet […]

Nutritional Philosophy

At Summit Sports Chiropractic we offer all levels of care. We believe that nutrition plays a huge role in the musculoskeletal system’s ability to build strength, endure, and repair. Our nutritionist, Jolene, is a licensed health care provider. She understands the metabolic needs of all ages and activity levels. She uses current and relevant research […]

Nutrition for Athletic Performance

Pre-Exercise or Pre-Game Meal: To keep the athlete from “Bonking” and/or getting hungry during an intense workout, it’s important to have the athlete eat about 2-3 hours prior to the event. The meal should include a small amount of fat and fiber, moderate amounts of protein and a considerably larger number of carbohydrates. Eating 200-300 […]