Active Release Technique

active release therapyDr. Lopez is certified to perform Active Release Technique, also known as ART. He is also a certified Ironman provider. Active Release Therapy involves more than 500 soft tissue and movement-based massage therapy strategies that aim to relieve muscle problems, fascia, nerve issues and pain/stiffness in tendons and ligaments. It can also help with conditions like headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatic, shin splints, tennis elbow and essentially any health problem stemming from muscle overuse.

Overused muscles can lead to thick scar tissue that binds up, ties down and stiffens areas that require movement. Once this scar tissue begins to worsen, the surrounding muscles become weaker, nerves can get trapped and tendonitis can result. The patient will also experience a decreased range of motion, they will lose strength in the area and they may experience discomfort or pain. ART sessions can help.

ART sessions combine clinical examinations and treatment. Each one is customized to the specific problems of the patient at the time of the exam.