Alyssa Harmon

Untitled design-3Alyssa Harmon was raised in Otis Orchards, Washington and grew up as a dancer before beginning her running career in 6th grade. She attended East Valley High School and ran competitively all 4 years.

She was recruited to run at Northwest Christian University in Eugene Oregon and has run at all 4 national cross country meets. Alyssa was a conference champion during her sophomore year and entered the NCU hall of fame for “Most Decorated 5x All-American”.

During school, she interned at Tensegrity Physical Therapy and Creative Fitness. Alyssa now holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and has her ACSM CPT. She worked with Skyhawks Sports 2014, coaching youth XC and is excited to begin her career in the health & fitness world with Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute

Alyssa values health and finds the importance of fitness crucial to our everyday lives. She enjoys being a part of a process that will bring patients to become injury free and stronger overall. She wants to send people home with not just the skills, but knowledge as well, for how to continue a healthy life. Being at Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute gives her the chance to put her passions into play.